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Keep Calk and Walk the Dog

 Dog Walking-

$15.00 per 30 minute walk (for 2 dogs)( $5.00 extra for each additional dog)

$30.00 per 60 minute walk (for 2 dogs) ($5.00 extra for each additional dog)

Benefits of Using a Dog Walker

1) Provides socialization and mental stimulation thereby decreasing  behavioral issues.

2) Helps to maintain a consistent housebreaking schedule

3) Offers a nice break in the day for dogs that have been cooped up for hours

4) Takes place rain or shine because even in bad weather your dog still  has needs.

5) Provides regular exercise that can have a calming effect on your pet

6) Eliminates your guilt from spending long hours at work

7) Provides peace of mind knowing you don’t have to rush home to avoid a mess

Dogs adapt and develop a bond with their dog walker very quickly. Many times, the dogs are sitting at the window, anticipating the visit. At Passion for Pets Services, we always enjoy seeing the excitement on their little faces and tails wagging when we arrive.

Sally and Lucy are ready for love and attention Passion4Pets provides.

 Dog Sitting-$15.00 per 30 minute visit ($5.00 extra per visit for Holidays) We currently have a waiting list for visits

  1. Our dog sitting is designed to help reduce the stress and anxiety associated with changes to your family routine.
  2. Our goal is to reduce your pets stress by having familiar smells, sights and sounds.
  3. We go the extra mile to reduce your anxieties associated with vacations and leaving your pet.
  4. Using our services will prevent kennel cough, Canine Influenza, or Intestinal Parasites because they are cared for in your home not in a cold, scary kennel.
  5. Because we care for your pet in this manner you won't return to a pet with stressed induced Colitis, but an excited happy pet.
  6. The best part about our services is we offer stress free services that is convenient and mindful of your vacation schedule.
  7. We make sure your pets diet and exercise routines are uninterrupted.
  8. When you arrive home your pet is home, safe waiting for their family.


Cat Sitting-$15.00 per 30 minute visit -($5.00 extra per visit for Holidays)

1. Lots of tender loving care

2. Feeding, watering & liter box cleaning

3.Providing Medication if needed